Redman Whiteley Dixon Ltd.

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Address: The Old Electric Light Station
Zip Code: SO42 7YF
Place: Beaulieu, Hampshire
Country: United Kingdom
Additional address:
Phone: +44 (0) 1590 611300
Fax: +44 (0) 1590 611301
Web site:

Redman Whiteley Dixon Ltd. News

07 Jul 2015First look onboard superyacht Kiss

11 Feb 2015Superyacht of the week: The Benetti Veloce 140’

03 Aug 2014Superyacht of the Week: The Feadship Como

28 Jul 2014Benetti delivers first Fast Displacement superyacht

25 Jan 2014Exclusive: Feadship launches 46 metre superyacht

22 Dec 2013Superyacht of the Week: Alloy's CaryAli

02 Oct 2013On the road to Monte Carlo with the RWD Auto Tour

26 Apr 2013 Johnny Vickers re-joins Redman Whiteley Dixon as a director

06 Mar 2013Redman Whiteley Dixon announces the appointment of a new partner

13 Jan 2013Superyacht of the Week: ICON's remarkable superyacht Maidelle

05 Jan 2013Superyacht of the Week: The 30 metre catamaran Quintessential

09 Dec 2012Superyacht of the Week: Benetti's 65 metre Seanna

24 Sep 2012Seventeen super cars joined the RWD Auto Tour 2012

14 Sep 2012The Redman Whiteley Dixon Auto Tour 2012

21 Aug 2012Video of the 78.5 metre Feadship Hampshire II

27 Jul 2012Superyacht Hampshire II in Hampshire waters

09 Jul 201278.5 Metre superyacht Hampshire II delivered

25 Jun 2012Mark Whiteley says goodbye to Redman Whiteley Dixon

27 Apr 2012Redman Whiteley Dixon comments on recently launched Feadship Hampshire II

14 Apr 2012Feadship launches superyacht Hampshire II

27 Mar 201275 Metre superyacht M5 to be refitted at Pendennis Plus

04 Nov 2011Superyacht Twizzle scoops up four design awards

10 Oct 2011Redman Whiteley Dixon complete Auto Tour 2011

28 Aug 2011SuperYacht of the Week: The refitted 41m Feadship Odyssey

09 May 2011Superyacht Twizzle wins award

05 Apr 2011Benetti launches Redman Whiteley Dixon designed superyacht Nataly

05 Mar 2011Superyacht of the Week: The magnificent 57.5 metre superyacht Twizzle

24 Feb 2011Benetti’s superyacht Amnesia IV sold

14 Feb 2011Superyacht of the Week: The 62.5 metre Icon Yachts Baton Rouge

01 Nov 2010Superyacht Kokomo wins ISS award

20 Apr 2010Superyacht of the Week: Kokomo, the largest Alloy to date

29 Mar 2010Kokomo graces the Hauraki Gulf

02 Jun 2009Redman Whiteley Dixon unveils new drawings of 65 metre Amnesia IV

02 Mar 2002Video of 65 metre superyacht Seanna

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27 Jan 2016Alloy Yachts superyacht Hey Jude in Sydney

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11 Nov 2015Icon superyacht Meridian at midnight

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22 Oct 2015SY Kokomo dismasted in Palma

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05 Oct 2015Feadship superyacht Madsummer arriving in Monaco

11 Aug 2015Superyacht of the Week: Feadship superyacht Kiss

12 Jul 2015Superyacht of the week: The magical sailing yacht Elfje

08 Jul 2015First look onboard sailing yacht Elfje

25 Jun 2015Superyacht CaryAli relaunched at Balk

12 May 2015Winners of the World Superyacht Awards

28 Apr 2015Superyacht Lady May in Palm Beach

23 Mar 2015Superyacht Como sold and renamed Lady May

17 Mar 2015Elfje video preview and Bucket debut

12 Mar 2015In Pictures: Superyacht Vava II

16 Feb 2015Feadship comments on launch superyacht Kiss

13 Feb 2015Exclusive: Feadship launch 46 metre superyacht

02 Feb 2015The 96 metre superyacht Vava II in Vlissingen at the Amels yard

12 Dec 2014Superyacht Hey Jude in Auckland

11 Nov 2014Superyacht M5 departing San Diego

10 Nov 2014Alloy Yachts launch superyacht Hey Jude

04 Nov 2014First look on board Benetti's Veloce 140

15 Oct 2014Benetti Veloce 140’ to debut at FLIBS

02 Oct 2014HSH Prince Albert of Monaco welcomes designers aboard Wood Forever Pact

24 Sep 2014Debuting in Monaco, Feadship Como

19 Sep 2014Superyacht CaryAli in Amsterdam

15 Sep 2014In Pictures: Dolphins riding CaryAli's bow wave

15 Aug 2014The Benetti superyacht Seanna in Positano

14 Aug 2014In Pictures: Royal Huisman's Elfje

07 Jul 2014Superyacht Alamshar delivered

01 Jul 2014Superyacht Drizzle in Antibes

27 Jun 2014Superyacht Polly in Antibes

12 Jun 2014Projects currently under construction at Feadship

28 May 2014Superyacht Lady Britt at anchor off Monaco

27 May 2014Sneak preview of Royal Huisman Elfje

01 May 2014Live from Palma: The 38.9 metre superyacht Ganesha I

29 Apr 2014Sailing yacht Prana in the Caribbean

06 Mar 2014Sailing yacht Destination was relaunched at STP

26 Feb 2014Superyacht Ilona under refit at STP

13 Feb 2014M5 completes successful sail trials

13 Feb 2014Superyacht Icon sold

25 Nov 2013Designer René van der Velden comments on Caryali

02 Oct 2013The 58 metre Dubois designed sailing yacht Kokomo

18 Sep 2013The 41 metre Alloy superyacht Como sold

19 Aug 2013The 73 metre superyacht Ilona in Saint Tropez

12 Aug 2013Superyacht Lady Britt in Portofino

24 Jul 2013The 62.50 metre Baton Rouge at anchor off Monaco

10 Jul 2013Sailing yacht Koo in Antigua

09 Jul 2013Superyacht Hampshire II at anchor in Villefranche sur Mer

03 Jul 2013The 65 metre Benetti superyacht Seanna

19 Jun 2013Projects currently under construction at Feadship

22 May 2013In Pictures: Feadship Hampshire II in bad seas

29 Apr 2013The 78.5 Metre superyacht Hampshire II in Tarragona

17 Apr 2013The 56.50 metre Feadship Hampshire

28 Mar 2013Feadship Lady Britt at anchor

12 Mar 2013Video of the 78 metre superyacht Hampshire II

06 Mar 2013The 41 metre Alloy motoryacht Como underway

10 Jan 2013The 63 metre Feadship Lady Britt at anchor

09 Jan 2013In pictures: The 62 metre superyacht Maidelle delivered

19 Dec 2012The Vitters sailing yacht Espiritu Del Xarey in Antigua

07 Dec 2012Live from Antigua: Benetti's 65 metre Seanna

29 Nov 2012Superyacht Twizzle to embark on ambitious Far Eastern cruise

22 Nov 2012The 62.50 metre Icon superyacht Baton Rouge in the Caribbean

14 Nov 2012In pictures: the 62.50 metre Icon superyacht Baton Rouge

26 Oct 2012MCM comments on 39 metre Alloy launch

19 Oct 2012More details about superyacht AY44 released

18 Oct 2012Alloy Yachts launches superyacht project AY44 Cary Ali

16 Oct 2012The adventure-packed Feadship Hampshire II

05 Oct 2012The 62.50 metre Baton Rouge in Gibraltar

28 Sep 201246 Metre Dubois superyacht commences build at Feadship

26 Sep 2012Superyachts Tango and Vava II in Porto Montenegro

17 Sep 2012Alloy Yachts signs 44 metre superyacht contract

08 Aug 2012Superyacht Ilona under Tower Bridge in London

06 Aug 2012Brand new superyacht Maidelle for sale

03 Aug 2012The top 100 in photos: Number 76, the 78.50 metre Feadship Hampshire II

09 Jul 2012The 41 metre Alloy sailing yacht Destination

09 Jul 2012Superyacht projects underway at Feadship

26 Jun 2012Yachting Developments delivers superyacht Quintessential

15 Jun 2012Superyacht Ilona gets a new helipad and pool at Amels

04 Jun 2012The Benetti Seanna in the Caribbean

31 May 201265 Metre superyacht Seanna for charter with Burgess

18 May 2012Sailing catamaran Q5 nears completion in New Zealand

10 May 2012New Feadship Hampshire II presented to public

19 Apr 2012The 96 metre superyacht Vava II off Anguilla

19 Apr 2012Exclusive: Icon Yachts launch superyacht Maidelle

19 Apr 2012Feadship superyacht Drizzle close to delivery

28 Mar 2012Superyacht Vava II in St Barths

23 Mar 2012Feadship Drizzle on seatrials in Holland

22 Mar 2012Feadship superyacht Issana for sale with Edmiston

21 Mar 2012The magnificent superyacht Twizzle in the Caribbean

16 Mar 2012Superyacht Nuberu Blau for sale with Dubois Yachts

22 Feb 2012Feadship superyacht Odyssey in Tahiti

09 Feb 2012Superyacht Baton Rouge cruising off Portofino

07 Feb 2012Construction starts on new Dubois designed Feadship

23 Jan 2012The 73 metre Amels superyacht Ilona at the IYCA

23 Jan 2012More information released on 67 metre Feadship Drizzle

21 Jan 2012Exclusive: Feadship Koninklijke De Vries launches superyacht Drizzle

09 Jan 2012New images of 96 metre superyacht Vava II

05 Jan 2012Superyacht Prana joins Fraser charter fleet

23 Dec 2011YPI and Burgess sell superyacht Margaret Ann

19 Dec 2011The recently renamed Feadship Issana

09 Dec 2011Superyacht Konkordia sold by Fraser Yachts

22 Sep 2011Superyacht Lady Britt at the Monaco Yacht Show

19 Sep 2011Royal Huisman signs two new superyacht contracts

15 Sep 2011Superyacht Vava II leaves construction shed

12 Sep 2011Superyacht Vava II christened by Devonport Yachts

14 Jul 2011Good charter record in first year for superyacht Andreas L

21 Jun 2011€ 3,750,000 price reduction on superyacht Icon

20 Jun 2011The 66 metre supersloop Aglaia

07 Jun 2011Superyacht Utopia available for charters in the Baltic

30 May 2011Seatrial of Benetti superyacht Nataly

23 May 2011Feadship's latest superyacht Lady Britt joins Edmiston charter fleet

19 Apr 2011Vitters completes 66m superyacht sloop Aglaia

29 Mar 2011The 60 meter superyacht Andreas L in Italy

24 Mar 2011Icon Yachts at the Hainan yacht show

04 Mar 2011The new Feadship Lady Britt

25 Feb 2011The 41 metre superyacht Como in Croatia

16 Feb 2011Major price reduction for superyacht Icon

10 Jan 2011Superyacht Ilonka in Athol Bight

06 Jan 2011Alloy Yachts built superyacht Nuberu Blau

17 Dec 2010Superyacht Shirely-Anne seen in Sydney harbour at sunset

26 Oct 2010Sailing yacht Vent d’Est entering Monaco

22 Oct 2010Icon’s latest superyacht Baton Rouge joins charter fleet of Burgess

19 Oct 2010The Feadship Utopia DV

07 Oct 2010Superyacht Hampshire by Feadship

21 Sep 2010Baton Rouge arriving in Monaco for the first time

16 Sep 2010Superyacht Baton Rouge in Gibraltar

02 Sep 2010Liveras Yachts acquires superyacht Andreas L (formerly Amnesia)

12 Aug 2010RMK Marine will be exhibiting superyacht Nazenin V at the Monaco Yacht Show

22 Jul 2010The 71.6 metre Feadship Utopia DV

16 Jul 2010ICON's latest superyacht Baton Rouge christened by her owner

14 Jul 2010Alloy Yachts begins construction on a World Explorer

09 Jul 2010Royal Huisman launches superyacht Twizzle

05 Jul 2010MCM signs contract with Alloy Yachts for 39m motor yacht

18 May 2010Superyacht Amnesia at nighttime

20 Apr 2010Superyacht Icon in Gibraltar

07 Jan 2010MCM’s largest new-build superyacht project to date launched

17 Dec 2009Alloy Yachts launches 58.4m superyacht Kokomo

07 Sep 2009Amnesia IV moves into the outfitting shed

28 Jul 2009First Icon 62 superyacht starts sea trials

14 Jul 2009Nazenin V launched at the RMK Marine Shipyard

07 Jul 2009First ICON superyacht at the Monaco Yacht Show

12 Mar 2009Icon Yachts unveiled 95m superyacht at Abu Dhabi

24 Feb 2009Icon Yachts, a yard update

02 Dec 2008Masts arrive for Nazenin V

19 Sep 2008Graham de Zille, the man behind the Amnesia series of Superyachts

18 Sep 2008Alloy Yachts launches 52m ketch Mondango

14 Sep 2008SuperYacht of the Week: Amnesia III; the ultimate charter yacht

25 Aug 2008Alloy’s Kokomo in Portofino

05 Aug 2008Feadship’s Drizzle anchored off Meganisi

09 Jul 2008Ganesha at the Superyacht Cup Palma

26 May 2008Drizzle (ex Twizzle) in Malta

08 Apr 2008Devonport & Redman Whiteley Dixon present 108m superyacht One Ten

13 Mar 2008S/Y Nostromo - 30m Dubois sloop by Pendennis

13 Feb 2008Benetti launches the 60m Amnesia (FB 245)

01 Feb 2008Kokomo arriving in Monaco

19 Dec 2007Amnesia IV by Benetti & Redman Whitely Dixon

26 Sep 2007Benetti Yachts signs four contracts at the Monaco Yacht Show

22 Aug 2007Third Icon 62 metre sold

05 Jul 2007RMK Marine's BN 70 to be named Nazenin V

11 Jun 2007Royal Huisman to build 57.5m flybridge ketch Twizzle

23 Nov 2006Alloy Yachts launch 41m M/Y Como