Tim Heywood Design Ltd.

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Address: The East Wing, Burley House
Zip Code: LE15 7TE
Place: Burley-on-the-Hill, Rutland
Country: United Kingdom
Additional address:
Phone: +44 15 72 72 05 77
Web site:
E-mail: tim@timheywooddesigns.co.uk

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20 Mar 2009Pelorus in the Caribbean

18 Mar 2009Lürssen to deliver three superyachts in 2009

10 Mar 2009Exclusive: Sneak preview of the first Amels 212 Limited Editions superyacht

02 Mar 2009Third Amels Limited Editions superyacht created

16 Feb 2009Amels launches fifth Limited Editions 171 superyacht

27 Jan 2009Second Limited Editions Amels 212 superyacht sold

19 Jan 2009Mayan Queen IV in Barbados

17 Dec 2008Mayan Queen IV visits Dartmouth

27 Oct 2008Al Mirqab cruising off Cap Ferrat

21 Oct 2008Derecktor unveils the 85.6m Tim Heywood designed Cakewalk

18 Jul 2008Lürssen’s new 110m superyacht Opal becomes Dilbar

11 Jul 2008Third Limited Editions Amels 171 delivered

30 Jun 2008Kogo anchored off Monte Argentario

16 Jun 2008Lürssen launches 110 meter superyacht Opal

10 Jun 2008Update: Aerial photos of Al Mirqab under sea trials

26 May 2008Amels launches hull 454 - the 4th Limited Editions 171

23 May 2008Blohm & Voss launches Mayan Queen IV (project Safari)

18 Apr 2008Carinthia VII in Antibes

11 Apr 2008Update: 133m Peters Schiffbau 681 to be named Al Mirqab

08 Apr 2008Peters Schiffbau launches 133m Project May

20 Feb 2008Amels launches Were Dreams (Sunrise) – the third Limited Editions 171

11 Oct 2007The Amels 171 Deniki in Venice

22 Aug 2007Third Icon 62 metre sold

02 Aug 2007Kogo docking in Port Hercule, Monaco

12 Jul 2007Amels delivers Deniki, the first 171 Limited Editions

31 May 2007Fortunate Sun breaking through the waves

14 May 2007Deniki on her way to the Mediterranean

20 Mar 2007Amels Yachts launched the first Limited Editions 171 Deniki

15 Mar 2007Siran completes refit and leaves Holland

28 Feb 2007World exclusive: Deniki is nearing completion for on time delivery

22 Jan 2007Fortunate Sun in Antibes

16 Jan 2007Carinthia VII leaving Antibes

13 Jul 2006Amels to begin work on second Limited Edition superyacht